Membership provides you with a forum where you can communicate with other library managers facing similar challenges, no matter where they are, or how big they are.  It also provides a channel through which grassroots issues unique to public libraries can be voiced in the larger Alberta library community. Three times a year you will have the opportunity to meet with colleagues at APLAC meetings. Our meetings typically involve:

  • guest speakers who bring us up-to-date on current Alberta library issues;
  • discussion about issues common to us all, which may sometimes result in further action taken by the executive and/or ad hoc committees;
  • a series of round robins where we share what’s happening in our own libraries

APLAC has a Listserv for Library Administrators through which members can communicate with one another, conduct polls and generally help each other with public library questions and issues.  Annual membership for 2017 starts at $35 (based on library size).  For more information, consult our APLAC brochure 2018.


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