Written by Bill Till   
Monday, 23 March 2009 14:38

So now you think you'd like to get into this ham radio stuff a bit deeper and you are wondering what the licencing procedure is.  We can help. Here's some pointers:

  • The Internet is always a good source of information on almost anything.  For the aspiring Canadian amateur radio operator, one of the best sources is the Radio Amateurs of Canada website.  Click HERE to jump to RAC's "Getting Started" page.
  • One way to get into the hobby is to contact your nearest amateur radio club.  Many run regular licencing classes and are very willing to help a "newbie".
  • If you want see what kind of questions have to be answered in the Industry Canada amateur radio basic certification examination, go to, download the file and try it out.
  • is a website operated by Frank VE7AV who has built a very comprehensive amateur radio licencing program that will almost guarantee to get you an amateur radio licence for a reasonable price for access to the program.  Study at your own pace and test yourself as you go along.  Frank's material will not just get you the licence but will start you on a path to understanding how all this radio stuff works.
  • When you feel ready to try the Industry Canada test, go to, find the nearest Accredited Examiner and make an appointment to write the exam.  These Accredited Examiners are experienced licenced amateurs who have been selected to administer the examinations and to send in all the paperwork to get successful candidates licenced.  Most do not charge for this service.
Come and join in on this wonderful hobby with so many facets and different interests.  It's a great one for making friends all over the world and an ideal retirement activity because you will have an ever increasing circle of friends of every age, interest and occupation.  You might chat with a grain farmer in Australia, a NASA scientist, a young girl making her first contact on the air, a person of a royal family, a retired politician or a famous radio personality.  You will be a part of an international fraternity that will help you find a person with a common interest wherever you may go.
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