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Net page updated 10 May 2010

The Sask Alta Radio Club has been operating a 2 meter net at 9PM Sunday evening on the VE5RI repeater (146.940 mhz - ) since its origin in 1975. The net control duties rotate among the membership on a scheduled basis. If the designated net control does not appear at the appointed time of 9 PM local, our custom is that whoever is first on frequency will take over the net control duties. This net is also a registered ARES net and checkin statistics are reported to the Saskatchewan ARES Emergency Co-ordinator.

For the benefit of the new members or for those who have mislaid their net script, here is our format:



"Good evening, this is the VE5RI general and ARES VHF repeater net for Sunday, ....(date)....

This net is called at 2100 hours weekly for the benefit of all amateurs and the announcement of bulletins, reports and general information of interest to amateurs. Visitors to the area or just passing through are always welcome to check in.

Now, with the connection Echolink to our repeater, net control will at intervals insert pauses of several seconds to allow linked stations to be heard.

(Note to net controls - pause about 5 seconds, then key up and pause again before speaking)

Should there be any emergency traffic while the net is in session, the station with the emergency traffic should attract the attention of the net control by giving a double break.

Net control tonight is ...... My name is ........

Is there any emergency or mobile traffic? - (pause for answers)

Are there any bulletins? - (pause for answers)

Any reports of sick or hospitalised amateurs? - (pause for answers)

Anyone wishing to leave the net early? - (pause for answers)

Does anyone have any listings for swap and shop - wanted or for sale? Please list items when you check in.

"Regular checkins come now please"

(Net control - long pause now and then for Echolink checkins)

Acknowledge all checkins and either chat with them at the time OR continue to take checkins and when a pause occurs, go back and ask those who have checked in for their comments and general chit-chat. (Try to keep it short within the protocol of courtesy - we don't wish to alienate any amateurs.) When, after 3 or 4 calls for further checkins, no more callsigns are heard, proceed to close the net as follows:

"Hearing no further checkins, I shall now close this net at .... hours local time. My thanks to all who checked in and to all who have helped in any way, 73 and good evening to all.

VE.... is now clear of the frequency and returning the VE5RI repeater to normal use."

Net control should be assumed by a volunteer among those who are on frequency at net time - 9PM Sunday evening.

This is good practise for a sudden emergency and should give our members experience in assuming responsibility when necessary.

Please observe standard net procedures during our nets.

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